TIME FRAME: Precambrian Era: 4.6 billion yrs ago - 546 million yrs ago

Archaean Period: 4.6 billion yrs ago - 2.5 billion yrs ago

Proterozoic Period: 2.5 billion yrs ago - 546 millon yrs ago



Major Evolutionary Events:

A) Changes in plants:


Domain: Eukaryota

Phylum: Eolympia

Genus: pediculata

B) Changes in Animals:


Domain: Eubacteria

Phylum: Cyanobacteria

Genus: Anabaena

Mass Extinction. Causes and Impacts on Life on Earth:

The first extinction of the Precambrian, which largely affected Stromatalites and Acritarchs, has been correlated with a large glaciation event that occurred about 600 million years ago because since all the land was stuck on one side no WARM water can cross over which caused the glaciation event but also where 70% of Precambrian flora and fauna perished in this extinction, but also gave diversity to the Vendian fauna which now resembles todays; Jellyfish,seapens, and segmented worms.

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