Permian Period

  • Time Period

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  • Time lasted: 290- 248 million years ago
  • Changes in Continents

  • During the Permian the continents drifted together to form a supercontinent called Pangea.
  • Plants and Animals

  • Synapsids grew to dominace among vertebrates, because their special adaptions enabled them to flourish in the drier climate.
  • The plants that lived in the drier climate died out, yet the plants that adapted better to swamp-like climates surived. They also had seeds.external image pangea_simple.jpg
  • The Permian extinction was the biggest extinction that had ever occured on Earth. 95% of sea animals were killed
Smaller extinction of diapsids and synapsids cleared the way for other forms to dominate and led to the age of the dinosaurs!`

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